Masters Degree in Educational Technology

The Educational Technology program at University of South Carolina Aiken (USCA) and the University of South Carolina (USC) Columbia is accepting applications for enrollment. For more information visit:

The focus of the program is to develop capabilities essential to the effective design, evaluation, and delivery of technology-based instruction and training (e.g., software development, multimedia development, assistive technology modifications, web-based development, and distance learning) in order to (1) prepare educators to assume leadership roles in the integration of educational technology into the school curriculum, and (2) to provide graduate-level instructional opportunities for several populations (e.g., classroom teachers, corporate trainers, educational software developers) that need to acquire both technological competencies and understanding of sound instructional design principles and techniques.

Anyone interested in enrolling in this program should contact Karen Morris at 641-3489. (Note: Students are required to complete EDTE 631, Technology to Support Instruction, or demonstrate prerequisite computer competencies before admission to the program.)

Foundational Core Courses (12 hours)
AERM/EDRM 700 – Introduction to Research in Education
AEET/EDET 709 – Applications of Learning Principles
AEET/EDET 722 – Instructional Design and Assessment
AETE 731 – Instructional and Informational Applications of Technology or
EDTE 731 – Integration of Technology and Instruction

Technology Core Courses (15 hours)

AEET/EDET 603 – Design and Development Tools I
AEET/EDET 735 – Technological Applications for Diverse Populations
AEET/EDET 746 – Management of Technology Resources
AEET/EDET 755 – Design and Evaluation of Information Access and Delivery
AEET/EDET 780 – Seminar in Educational Technology

Electives (9 hours chosen from the following courses)
AEET 650/EDET 650,651 – Internship in Educational Technology
AEET/EDET 652 – Design and Evaluation of Games and Simulations
AEET/EDET 703 – Design and Development Tools II
MGMT 772 – Employee and Organizational Development
AEET/EDET 793 – Advanced Instructional Design and Development
EDRM 736 – Program Evaluation