Fifth Annual Instructional Fair in Mathematics, Reading/Language Arts, Science, and Technology

Saturday, January 26, 2002

USC Aiken

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Focus Topic: Reaching All Students Through Standards-Based Materials, Instruction, and Assessment.


The fifth annual Instructional Fair in Mathematics, Reading/LA, Science, and Technology will be held at USC Aiken on Saturday, January 26, 2002. The theme for this year's conference is "Reaching All Students Through Standards-based Materials, Instruction, and Assessment". Registration will begin at 8:00 a.m. in the Business and Education Building (second-floor gym). Concurrent 45-minute sessions and 90-minute workshops focusing on implementation of the standards will start promptly at 8:30 a.m. and end at 2:00 p.m.


The Instructional Fair is an excellent professional development opportunity for K-12 teachers and administrators in Regional Service Alliances II & III to share and to learn more about innovative classroom and school-wide strategies to prepare for the Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test (PACT), standards-based materials including kits, and the latest in educational technology. The pre-registration deadline is Friday, January 11, 2002.


Last year there were approximately five hundred teachers, administrators and university faculty who participated in the Instructional Fair. It is co-sponsored by the Central Savannah River Area Hub, the Bamberg-Calhoun-Orangeburg Hub, the Midlands Improving Math and Science Hub, the Upper Savannah River Math and Science Hub, the USC Aiken Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center, and local school districts.


If you would like to present a session, but have not submitted a session proposal form, please contact one of the Hubs or other sponsors listed above and request a proposal registration form.


Registration fee: $15.00 per person (includes lunch and refreshments)

On-site Registration fee: $20.00 per person (does not include lunch and refreshments).

Traveling Science and Mathematics Demonstrations Program (TSMDP)


THANKS!: The TSMDP would like to recognize once again the Westinghouse Volunteers for their participation in the STRAND (Scientists with Traveling Resources and Neat Demonstrations) Program. With their dedication they were able to touch the lives of over 10,700 students in over 147 classrooms across the CSRA during the 2000-2001 school year. The STRAND program is available to all teachers in the CSRA. If you are interested in requesting a visiting scientist please log on to:


KITS: The Traveling Science and Mathematics Demonstrations Program currently has over 350 kits available for checkout. The kits range in form from FOSS (K-6), STC (K-6), Museum to Go, CBL, Math and Science to Go, various teacher created kits and numerous other materials and resources. For a complete searchable and sortable listing of available kits please log on to:


ONLINE RESERVATIONS: Log on to:. to make your kit reservations.


EDUCATION OUTREACH (WSRC): We are excited to be working with Bonnie Toole as the on-site Education Coordinator at the Westinghouse Savannah River Site Education Outreach Programs. Bonnie works closely with the TSMDP to coordinate the WSRC volunteers for the STRAND program.


The RPSEC welcomes to it's staff five new employees: Fonda Slongo and Ann Bohnet, Education Specialists for NRSMEEP; Darlene Smalley, Education Specialist for RPSEC; Haneefah Cobbs, GEAR UP Administrative Specialist; and Linda Ferrell, RPSEC Administrative Assistant.

2001-2002 Student Programs!


This year, the K-12 student program offerings include a variety of new, exciting programs. Having the new addition to our building has allowed us to increase the number and diversity of programs we can offer. The new programs we are offering this year are:


Chemistry with Toys (Grades K-1)

Exploring Earth's Resources (Grades 3-4, 6-8)

Connecting with Topographic Maps (Grades 5-6)

WWW.Design (Grades5-6)

Birds of Prey (Grades 3-6)

Focusing on Fall Foliage (Grades 6-8)

Critical Thinking Connections Through Sorting (Grades 2-3)

"DIG"(Dynamic Interactive Geometry) on the Computer (Grades 5-6, 7-8)

Do You See What I See? (Grades 4-5)


Currently, we have scheduled as many programs as possible for this school year. If you are a teacher who turned in a reservation form and did not receive all of the classes you requested, you are on our waiting list. If there are any cancellations, you will schedule for those programs on a first-come-first-served basis. Please remember that we accept reservations from April 15 through June 15 each year. For a complete description of what we are currently offering, please visit our web site at:


We are very fortunate to add Mrs. Darlene Smalley to our student programs staff as a part-time instructor. Her background is in earth science, and she comes with a wealth of knowledge and great ideas to add to our student programs.

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