Science Education for Public Understanding

Program (SEPUP)

Instructors: Veteran SEPUP Users

Dates: July 19-23, 1999

Times: 8:30 AM-4:00 PM

Location: RPSEC

Workshop Fee: Free

Audience: Teachers, Grades 6-12

Workshop Description: Through classroom instructions with students, the SEPUP seeks to advance the knowledge of the general public about environmental issues. SEPUP is a diverse educational program highlighting science and its uses in the context of societal issues, so that learners experience the reality of science. Students collect and process scientific evidence and use it to make decisions. As a result, they begin to appreciate both the power and limitations of science.

Twenty CSRA sixth through twelfth grade science teachers will participate in 30 hours of hands-on experience and receive more than $500 in materials for teaching two of the following SEPUP modules:

Chemical Survey/Solutions and Pollutions

Investigating Ground water: The Fruitvale Story

Toxic Waste: A Teaching Simulation

The Waste Hierarchy: Where is "Away"?

Staff development credit is available. The program is co-sponsored by RPSEC, Westinghouse Savannah River Company, and Sargent-Welch Company.

To Register: Call the RPSEC at 641-3313 or (from Augusta) 278-1967, ext. 3313.


Using Puppetry in a Hands-On Science Program

and Much, Much More!

(Puppets and Science Potpourri)


Instructors: Karen Sexton and Linda Smith

Date: Monday, July 19,

Times: 9:00 AM-3:00 PM

Workshop Fee: $25

Workshop Description: Instructors will introduce you to innovative concepts which bridge the gap between everyday science and science process skills. Participants will learn how to teach students to apply the scientific method as they observe, predict, record data, investigate, measure, and classify through a puppetry generated real-to-life scientific scenario. "Take Sister Science Home" is a new puppetry program funded by an Excellence-in-Teaching Grant from Westinghouse. This program was designed by the creator of "Mother Phonics", Linda Smith.

This course will integrate themes that may be used to motivate students to investigate further the world of science. Participants will make and take puppets and manipulatives to be readily used in the classroom. Each person will engage in a puppetry approach that sparks script writing ideas in science. The instructors will provide numerous hands-on activities and grant writing ideas for all elementary grade levels.

Participation will be limited to the first 30 people.

To Register: Call the RPSEC at 641-3313 or (from Augusta) 278-1967, ext. 3313.



Chemicals, Health, Environment and Me-2

Instructors: TBA

Dates: July 26, 1999

Times: 8:30 AM-4:00 PM

Location: RPSEC

Workshop Fee: Free

Audience: Teachers, Grades 4-6

Each teacher will receive 6 hours of staff development and $300 in hands-on science materials with activity modules. Activities such as Everyday Chemicals, The Inside Story, My Sweet Tooth, Mystery Spill, Trash or Cash, and Energy to Go will be covered.

To Register: Call the RPSEC at 641-3313

or (from Augusta) 278-1967, ext. 3313.


Special Topics in Science Teaching:

Global Environmental Education Institute


3 hrs graduate credit


Norm Rischbieter, Edward Shuler, Theodora Shuler, and Jodi Childs

Course Number:

SMED 729


June 14-28


8:30 AM-4:00 PM

Course Fee:

$75 Application Fee

Course Description: This course is designed to introduce science and math teachers to environmental sciences on global scale. The class will involve using hands-on methods to study the environment, including the use of the appropriate tools and technology to collect, record, share, and analyze data. Call Debbie Lindsay at (803) 725-0070 to register.


Graphing Calculator and CBL Technology Workshop


CSRA Hub and RPSEC Staff, Math and Chemistry Dept., and Teachers


March 27, 1999


9:00 AM-3:00 PM

Workshop Fee:

$10 Registration Fee

Workshop Description: Introductory graphing calculator and CBL activities will be provided for forty middle and high school mathematics and science teachers. Activities demonstrated will be aligned to the SC Mathematics and Science Curriculum standards. Participants will receive either a TI-83 graphing calculator or fifty dollar stipend. Lunch will be provided. Call Angela Taylor at (803) 641 - 3313 to register by March 19.

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