New Registration Procedures

New Registration Procedures for Graduate Courses Implemented

Beginning with the Spring 1999 semester new registration procedures were implemented for students taking courses through the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center. Students must now register for courses via TIPS and Student Information Online. Below is a brief overview of how to register via these systems. For further information and assistance in using these systems, you may call Graduate Regional Studies at 641-3489.


All students who attend University of South Carolina campuses can now register for classes via the Student Information Online in addition to accessing other student information. The address is Once the web site comes on, you will need to click on "login". Next, a login screen will appear. Click on the "Student Identification Number" field and type it in. The "Student Identification Number" is your social security number. Next, click on the field for Personal Identification Number"(PIN). Your initial PIN is a four-digit number comprised of the month and date of your birth. It is the same PIN you would use when calling TIPS, but it is not the same PIN used in the calling card feature of the Student ID Card. For security reasons, when you logon to the Student Information Online, you will be required to change your PIN from your birthday to any number you choose. This new PIN will be the number you will use when calling TIPS and when accessing the Student Information Online. Remember to keep this new PIN in a safe place. When you type in your four-digit PIN, the actual numbers will not appear. For reasons of security, a series of four asterisks (****) will actually appear. Then click on the logon button.


Use only a TOUCH-TONE phone to make entries. (Touch-tone phones make a different tonal sound for each button pressed). Listen to the instructions carefully. A voice response will guide you after each entry. Press the appropriate action code and entry sequence when instructed to do so.

1) Call the TIPS registration system (803) 641-3500 Aiken Area; (803) 278-0436 North Augusta/Augusta area

2) At the voice prompt, Enter 1 for registration.

3) Enter your Student ID number (SSN): _____ _____ _____ - _____ _____ -_____ _____ _____ _____

4) Enter your 4-digit Personal ID Number (PIN): _____ _____ _____ _____

5) Enter the year for which you wish to register: 99

6) Enter the Appropriate term code: 1 = Spring 2 = Summer I (and May-mester) 3 = Summer II 4 = Fall

7) Enter your course requests (6-digit schedule code) from the Master schedule of classes one at a time. Begin each request with the appropriate action code:

Action Code- Course Schedule Code - Credits - Dept. - Course # - Section -Alternate Selection

8) Select action code 7 to hear your courses.*

9) Go to the Fees section of TIPS (select action code 8) to commit available Financial Aid/Scholarships; pay with VISA/MasterCard; use Electronic Check Transfer; or simply to determine your fees.

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