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Woodrow Wilson Leadership Program for Teachers: Science Institute

Teachers will work in teams to enhance local ability in inquiry-based biology and environmental science integrated with technology. Middle and high school teachers receive a $1200 stipend for a four-week institute in July 1999 with travel and most expenses covered. The institute is funded by the National Science Foundation and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Visit the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship's Leadership Program for Teachers web pages, http://www.woodrow.org/teachers/ to access the applications (for more details) and teacher web products. Or we'll be happy to mail the applications.

For more information contact: Mary "Meddie" Apodaca, PhD; Director, Woodrow Wilson Leadership Program for Teachers; CN 5281, 5 Vaughn Drive; Princeton NJ 08543

E-mail: apodaca@woodrow.org;

Web site: apodaca@www.woodrow.org

Phone: 609-452-7007 X19


South Carolina Teachers' Tour: Teaching Sustainable Forestry in Environment Education


Course Description: Spend four days touring the forests of South Carolina, examining forestry practices, and the forest industry. This outdoor environmental education course is designed to provide an unbiased look into the impact forests have on our state's environment, economy, and quality of life. Key topics include forest management; emphasising sustainable forestry; ecosystem management and bio-diversity; wildlife conservation, including endangered species protection; forest product production, including harvesting and processing into products; and the contributions of the forest industry on S.C.'s economy. Classes include tours of private and public forest land, lumber, paper and other wood product mills, along with cultural events highlighting the history of South Carolina. Participants will receive resource materials to use in their classrooms along with training in Project Learning Tree, an activity-based multi-disciplinary environmental education curriculum designed to teach critical and creative thinking.

When and Where: Sumter, S.C.-June 15th through 18th

Eligibility: Preference will be given to full-time certified school teachers for grades 3 to 8 specializing in environmental studies. Secondary teachers specializing in environmental studies, life sciences, biology, Tech Prep, or natural resource education will also be considered. Interested educators must complete an application and submit it by the deadline of March 31. Successful applicants will be notified by April 15. Due to the large number of applicants, participants are encouraged to submit their applications early. The tour is limited to 30 participants.

Requirements: Participants must:

•Be available to participate in a four day course with overnight stay and travel. Individual participation only - spouses and/or children, etc. not permitted.

•Actively participate in all activities which will include walking, hiking, summer temperatures, insects, etc.

•Be able to disseminate the information learned to schools, community, and professional associations.

•Have proven leadership skills and involvement in student and teacher extracurricular activities and professional associations.

Cost: All meals, lodging, materials, and transportation during the tour are provided FREE by the sponsors of the Teachers' Tour. Those wishing two hours graduate credit, offered by the College of Charleston, will be required to pay $40 upon acceptance into the tour. They must submit a unit of study for their classroom by the end of the summer term, incorporating the information gained during the tour. (Credit is for graduate credit only-not recertification credit.)

Sponsored by The South Carolina Teachers' Tour Coalition:

S.C. Forestry Commission, S.C. Forest Foundation, Bowater, Inc., Champion, Georgia-Pacific, Low Country Forest Products, Society of American Foresters, International Paper, Smurfit-Stone Container Corp, Santee Cooper, U.S.D.A. - Forest Service in S.C., New South, Inc., Union Camp, Westvaco, Willamette.


USC Aiken Elementary and Middle Schools

Mathematics Awareness Day

Thursday, April 1, 1999; 9:00am-1:30pm

 USC Aiken's Department of Mathematical Sciences, Ruth Patrick Science Education Center, CSRA Hub and the Student Section of America Society of Mechanical Engineers will host Mathematics Awareness Day. There will be hands-on activities for students, exhibits, paper airplane competitions, and bridge building competitions. To register and receive more information, call Dr. Stephen King at 803-641-3446. Deadline for registration is Monday, March 22. Participation will be limited to the first 20 schools that register.


Tox-RAP Workshops

Toxicology, Risk Assessment, & Pollution

Tox-RAP is an innovative, K-9 curriculum that utilizes concepts from toxicology and environmental health risk assessment to teach applied science. This curriculum uses the scientific method to teach students how to observe, measure, infer, predict, problem solve, communicate, reason, and draw conclusions. This is accomplished by teaching students how to apply the ToxRAP Framework to investigations concerning environmental health problems relevant to their lives. As students apply the ToxRAP framework to a variety of situations, they follow the same thought processes and techniques employed by environmental health scientists all over the world. Students also develop basic skills in critical thinking, decision making, scientific inquiry, mathematics, language arts, and communication.

Materials: Participating teachers in the K-3, Case of the Green Feathers, module will receive a giant story book , a notebook with lesson plans, and all the materials needed to implement this curriculum in their classrooms. Participating teachers in the 6-9, Mystery Illness Strikes the Sanchez Household, module will receive a notebook with ten developmentally appropriate, interdisciplinary lesson plans and activities.

Cost: Free. Refreshments will be served at the sessions.

Case of the Green Feathers

Grade Level: K-3

Date: July 27-29

Time: 8:30 AM-4:00 PM

Mystery Illness Strikes the Sanchez Household

Grade Level: 6-9

Date: May 8

Time: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

To Register: Call the RPSEC at 641-3313 or (from Augusta) 278-1967, ext. 3313.


SC Aquarium Presents 2nd ELP Program

The South Carolina Aquarium (SCA) is planning its second ELP program for this summer. During the two week institute, professionals will travel across SC, from the mountains to the sea, exploring the natural wonders of our state which will be depicted through exhibits at SCA in Charleston. Participants will study the various habitats within the five geographic regions of SC, as well as marine habitats. Participants will work on curriculum which supports the state standards at all grade levels and receive 3 graduate credits. The institute will be held June 13 - June 25, 1999. If you would like further information about this program, contact Karey Santos at (803) 641-2580. She can give you some informal perceptions as she completed it last summer. If you would like an application, contact Holly Campbell at South Carolina Aquarium (e-mail: hscampbell@scaquarium.org).


1999-2000 Student Programs

We are in the process of updating our student programs catalog to reflect our 1999-2000 program offerings. Catalogs will be mailed to teachers by April 15, 1999. Teachers can also visit our web site at: http://rpsec.usca.sc.edu/Student/ to look at our current offerings, and obtain pre/post-visit materials. Online registration for 1999-2000 will be available April 15, 1999.

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