Traveling Science Demonstration Update

The Traveling Science Demonstrations Program has once again taken a leap in growth. There are many new kits available for use in the classroom. Following is a listing of the kits available for check out. To receive a complete list with brief descriptions, please send a self addressed stamped manila envelope to Harriet L. Hare, RPSEC, 471 University Parkway, Aiken, SC , 29801. One list per school please.

Agar Kit Air & Water Kit, Air Track, Astronomy Kit, Balancing and Weighing Kit, Bell, Buzzer, and Switch Kit, Chemical Tests, Circuit Board Demonstration Kit, Compasses (Orienteering), Math Manipulatives Kit (Grade 3) , Cuisenaire Overhead Material 3, Math Manipulatives Kit Grade 6-8, Cuisenaire Overhead Material 6-8, Dinosaur Footprint Casting Kit, Dissecting Kit, Earth, Sun, and Moon - Just Passing Time, Earthly Interactions Kit, Ecosystems Kit, Electric Circuits, Electric Circuits Kit, Electricity Discovery Kit, Electricity Lab, Energy Kit, Energy Sources Kit, Energy Transfer Kit, Evolution of Dinosaur Teeth , Experiments with Plants, Fiber Optics Kit, Fingerprint Analysis Kit , Floating and Sinking, Food Chemistry, Fossils Through Time, FranklinŐs Forecaster Kit, Free Fall/Gravity Kit, Geologic Time Chart game, Groudwater Simulation System, Hair Analysis Kit, Hand Generator Kit, Heat Kit, Helium Laser Kit, Hologoraphy Demonstration Kit, Interactionss Kit, Kitchen Kapers Kit, Light Optics Bench, Magnetic Stirrer, Magnetism and Electricity Kit, Magnetism Electric Models Kits, Magnets, Magnets and Motors, Magnifying Glasses, Map and Compass Clinic Kit, Marble Mania Kit Master Forensics Kit, Measuring Time, Mechanics of Solids and Liquids, Meteorology Kit, Mircroworlds, Nystrom Physical Science Charts, Organisms, Perspectives From Space, Posters, Plant Growth and Development, Protective Goggles, Radioactivity and Half Life Lab, Rechargeable D Cell Batteries, Rocks and Minerals, Science Kit, Sharks and Dolphins, Simple Machines #1, Simple Machines #2, Simple Machines Discovery Kit, Soils Kit, Sound, Sound Discovery Kit, Sound Kit, Start Making Sense Kit, Static Electricity and Van De Graaf Generator, Stereomicroscopes, Student Battery Testers, Student Dry Cell Kit , Student Microscopes, Student Optics Kits, Superconductivity and Liquid Nitrogen, Telescope, The Life Cycle of Butterflies, TI Viewscreen A, TI Viewscreen B, TI-80 Calculator Kit A, TI-80 Calculator Kit B, TI-80 Viewscreen A, TI-80 Viewscreen B, TI-82 Calculator Kit, TI-83 Calculator Kit , Traffic Light Kit, Video Microscope, Weather, Weather Basic Science Inquiry Kit.