97-98Student Program Reservations

We are now accepting reservations for the 1997-98 student programs. New program descriptions have been published and sent to all schools in the eighteen county Central Savannah River Area. Several popular new programs that were added this past year will be expanded and continued next year. They include:
• Game, Games, Games:
Exciting Ways to Teach and Reinforce Mathematics Grades K-8
• Cabbage Juice Chemistry Grades 3-8
• How Do You Spell Relief Grades 6-9
• Algeblaster (Computer Program) Grades 7-12
• The Graph Club (Computer Program) Grades 1-4
• The Great Solar System Rescue (Laser Disc Program) Grades 4-12
• Sun and Planetgazer Grades 3-6
• Moongazer Grades 2-4
• Hands on the Stars Grades 6-12
• Shake, Rattle, and Roll (Earthquakes) Grades 4-12
• Probing the Periodic Table Grades 6-9
• Through the Eyes of Hubble (Planetarium Program) Grades K-12

In addition to these relatively new programs, all time favorites such as the Hitchcock Woods Ecohike, Animals with Backbones, “Sound”-sational Activities, and Computer Graphics will be continued.

We plan to add programs on oceanography, plants, birds, and geometry for the 1997-98 school year. Newly developed programs include the following:
• Bird Beaks and Bones: A Look at Animal Adaptations Grades K-12
• Plants: Primary Producers Grades K-12
• “Mira,” “Mira” on the Wall (Geometry) Grades 4-8
• Measuring a Million Grades 4-8
• The Great Ocean Rescue (Laser Disc Program) Grades 4-12
• Journey into the Living Cell (Planetarium Program) Grades K-12
• The Voyager Encounters (Planetarium Program) Grades K-12
• Math Explorations on Computer Grades K-3

Next year many of the programs will also include pre-visit activities and post-visit follow-up that teachers can use with their classes at school. That information will appear in the new program booklet.