Additional News


The USCA Office of Continuing Education will be sponsoring Kids in College again this summer. The program offers enrichment opportunities for young people in grades 1-12. Below is a listing of the programs being offered. For more information contact Jean Hayes at 641-3288.

Architecture for Kids I, June 23-27, Grades 3-7, Architecture for Kids II, July 28 - Aug 1, Grades 3-7, Exploration of Art, July 14-18, Grades 2-12, Bridge Building, Aug 4-8, Grades 4-7, Band Camp, July 7-11, Grades 6-8, Creepy Crawlies, June 23-27, Grades 2-3, The Birds and the Bugs, Aug 4-8, Grades 4-6, Writing Camp, July 14-18, Grades 6-8, Chem-Mysteries, July 21-25, Grades 6-8, Junior Geologist, July 7-11, Grades 3-4, Computer Kids, July 28 - Aug 1, Grades 4-8, Computer Kids - Macintosh Style, Aug 4-8, Grades 4-8, Fun with Physical Science, July 7-11, Grades 6-8, Wading in the Wetlands , June 23-27, Grades 6-8, Nature Lessons and Crafts, July 21-25, Grades 3-6, Music Camp, July 28 - Aug 1, Grades 2-7, The Life of a Civil War Soldier June 28, Ages 6 and older

Comet Carnival A Success!

The RPSEC and WRDW Channel 12 hosted a Comet Carnival on Saturday, April 12, 1997 with over 800 people in attendance. The Comet Carnival was on National Astronomy Day and featured Comet Hale-Bopp. In addition to viewing the comet, visitors were able to view the moon, Mars, and other sky objects. Images could be seen through the telescopes, on a 27 inch TV and on a computer screen. Helping with the telescopes were John White, Dr. Jim Cadieux, Dr. Ken Perrine, David Boyd, Richard Albert, Dave Amerram and Dr. Gary Senn. Chief Meteorologist and cosponsor, Bob Smith of Channel 12 News, was also in attendance and provided television coverage for the event. During the Comet Carnival, the Dupont Planetarium showed, "Through The Eyes of Hubble" to 200 visitors. In addition, Dr. Stelios Kapranidis and John White gave lectures on comets. Pictures from the carnival and information about comets can be found on the RPSEC web site or directly at

The Planetarium Director

In October, 1996 our Planetarium Director, James Mullaney resigned in order to return to his home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jim was instrumental in establishing our current planetarium shows and directing the installation of our planetarium equipment. We sincerely appreciate the hard work and dedication Jim put into the planetarium. He will certainly be missed. Dr. Gary J. Senn, Technologies Director at the RPSEC, has been appointed as the planetarium director on an interim basis. A variety of people will run the day to day shows under the direction of Dr. Senn. School shows will continue to be reserved with the other school programs. Public shows are held on the first Saturday, third Tuesday, and third Friday of each month. Reservations for public shows must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the show and there is a nominal fee for the shows. For more information phone 803-648-6851 ext 3313 or visit the planetarium on the WWW.