Family Fun With Math and Science

Family Math and Family Science (FM/FS) are spreading across the CSRA and bringing children together in the classroom with their parents. One of the goals of the CSRA Science and Mathematics Hub at USC-Aiken is to help schools increase parental involvement. Since the South Carolina Department of Education sponsored its first Train-the-Trainer Workshop for Family Math and Family Science in 1994, Gwen Johnson has presented 14 two- or three-day Teacher Leader Workshops across the CSRA and other parts of South Carolina. As a result of these Family Math and Family Science Teacher Leader Workshops, 16 CSRA schools have teams of teachers who have presented or plan to present FM/FS sessions for parents. In addition, the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center staff presented two Holiday Family Science Fun nights in December 1996. Several schools outside the CSRA have also benefited from the Teacher Leader Workshops and are working with families in other parts of the state. In March 1997 the North Central Mathematics and Science Hub at Winthrop University trained 25 new FM/FS trainers who will be available to work with school faculties that wish to conduct sessions with parents and children. Through this program two CSRA teachers studied under Sharon Pfeiffer, an author and classroom teacher who worked with the developers of the EQUALS Program at the Berkeley, California Lawrence Hall of Science. Family Math and Family Science are two of the programs that make up the EQUALS Project. Sharon has written problem solving and game books filled with practical ideas for teachers. She also publishes a newsletter of activities that integrate childrenŐs literature with mathematics and science.

Schools in South Carolina that have hosted Family Math and/or Family Science sessions for parents are eligible to purchase EQUALS educational materials (such as Family Math books) through the CSRA Hub at a 40% discount. We are asking you to contact the CSRA Hub at USCA to share your success stories and to order your EQUALS materials. We would also like to collect the following data about the program in your school: