The Natural Resources Environmental Education Program is now accepting applications for participation in the 1995-96 programs. The program is open to grades 3-8. The students participate in classes that incorporate math and science skills into environmental studies. Over forty schools participated during the first year. Next year will be the second full year of this program. Participating classes visit the Savannah River Site location the following number of times:

  • Grade 3-3 Visits
  • Grade 4-4 Visits
  • Grade 5-5 Visits
  • Grade 6-5 Visits
  • Grade 7-4 Visits
  • Grade 8-3 Visits.

    Bus transportation costs will be covered for all classes. Substitute pay will be provided for non self-contained classes only. For more information or if you would like your class to be included next year, please contact Pam by May 5: Pam Graves

    USC Aiken, Box 3

    471 University Parkway

    Aiken, SC 29801

    725-8712 or 648-6851, ext. 3313

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