Scientists with Traveling Resources And Neat Demonstrations

The list of kits available to your school has grown. Kits may be checked out by calling Wanda at 648-6851, ext. 3313. Most can be used without the presence of a scientist. Please check the new list. Scientists are still available to come to your classroom through S.T.R.A.N.D.! Please note that your request is not confirmed until you hear directly from the scientist.

Kits available:

  • Air Track,
  • Fingerprint Analysis,
  • Magnets,
  • Hair Analysis,
  • Radioactivity,
  • Free Fall Gravity,
  • Mechanics of Liquids and Solids,
  • Laser,
  • Static Electricity,
  • Microscopes,
  • Video Microscope,
  • Simple Machines,
  • Light,
  • Mirrors and Lens Electricity,
  • Sharks and Dolphins, and
  • Liquid Nitrogen/Superconductivity.

    To schedule a visit by a scientist/engineer, please contact Harriet Hare at 648-6851, ext. 3474 for reservation information. Visits are limited to 8 hours per month per school. All requests must be made in writing.

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