Investigating Mathematics from a Science Perspective

Credit: Recertification Fee: $0

Date: June 19-23, Allendale and June 26-30, Williston

Time: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM

Instructors: K. Santos, J. Adcox, A. Denty, and G. Kulmala

Deadline: April 15, 1995

Description: This seminar is designed to offer teachers the opportunity to explore elementary and middle school math concepts as scientific investigations. Model learning cycle lessons, evaluation, and extension, which incorporate the NCTM Math Standards and the NSTA Science Frameworks, will be presented. Special emphasis will be placed on the use of free or inexpensive materials. Teaching strategies which promote critical thinking and problem solving, with the teacher as facilitator, will also be modeled. High interest science themes which develop math connections and applications, which can easily be adapted to their current math and science programs, will be developed. All participants will receive materials for use in their classroom.

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