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The 13 National Science Foundation-funded Mathematics Curricula

Last summer, three representatives from the CSRA Hub attended a three-day Considering New Curricula Seminar at Boston University Corporate Education Center. One goal of the seminar, which was sponsored by the K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center, was to provide opportunities for school districts around the country to learn about 13 newly developed NSF-funded mathematics curricula. Presentations on three elementary, five middle school and five high school curricula allowed participants to see how teachers can offer engaging mathematics experiences so that all students have a better chance of meeting our more challenging curriculum standards. One of the elementary curricula, Everyday Mathematics (K-6), and one of the high school curricula, Contemporary Mathematics in Context (9-12), are currently being used with promising results in two Aiken County schools. While there is no way of telling at this time, some of these materials may be examined and approved for use in South Carolina schools in the next few years.

The textbook adoption cycles are being revised at the state level so that approved books can be placed in the schools in a more timely manner. Pre-calculus and calculus materials were adopted by the State in the Fall of 1997 and are expected to be funded and available in the classroom in the Fall of 1999. The tentative new plan is to have the state textbook committee review elementary mathematics materials (K-8) during the summer of 2001 and get State Board approval of a list of choices in the Fall of 2001. If the new plan is implemented, new K-8 mathematics curriculum materials will be available in the classroom in the Fall of 2002. The 9-12 mathematics materials will be reviewed and adopted in 2002 and available in the classrooms in the Fall of 2003.

Teachers have an opportunity between now and then to examine the NSF-recommended, standards-based materials for themselves by going first to the web sites listed below to get general information and then looking for presentations on these materials at professional conferences. In addition, the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center has samples of some of these materials that may be reviewed by teachers.

The 13 NSF-funded mathematics curricula are:

Elementary Grades


Everyday Mathematics (K-6)

Everyday Learning Corporation



Investigations in Number, Data and Space (K-5)

Cuisenaire • Dale Seymour Publications



Math Trailblazers (K-5) (TIMS)

Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company



Middle Grades


Connected Mathematics (6-8)

Cuisenaire - Dale Seymour Publications



MathScape: See and Thinking Mathematicall (6-8)

Creative Publications




Mathematics in Context (5-8)

Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation



Middle-school Mathematics Through Applications (6-8)

Institute for Research on Learning



MATHThematics (6-8) (STEM)

McDougal Littell



High School


Contemporary Mathematics in Context (9-12)(Core-Plus)

Everyday Learning Corporation



Interactive Mathematics Program (9-12)

Key Curriculum Press



MATH Connections (9-11)

IT'S ABOUTTIME, Inc., Publixhers



Mathematics: Modeling Our World (9-11) (ARISE)

South-Western Educational Publishing



Mathematics: Modeling Our World (9-11) (ARISE)

South-Western Educational Publishing



SIMMS Integrated Mathematics (9-12)

Simon & Schuster Custom Publishing


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