The Weather Channel Newsletter Contact The Weather Channel • Education Services • 2600 Cumberland Parkway • Atlanta, GA 30339

Math and Science Hotline Operates 24 hours a day for teachers and students. Call 1-800-566-5066.

Where’s The Air? Poster Includes activity guide with air-quality exercises. Request Publication #AM from Dept. of Natural Resources • 2421 Darwin Rd. • Madison, WI 53704

The Busy, Busy Planet Video Explores role of plastics in reducing the amount of trash we produce. Call the American Plastics Council at 1-800-2-HELP-90 or visit web site at

Growing Ideas: A Journal of Garden-based Learning Contact the National Gardening Association • Dept. MP • 180 Flynn Ave. • Burlington, VT 05401, or call 1-800-538-7476

Mr. Wizard Program Teaching Tips Monthly newsletter featuring tips on teaching science using the Mr. Wizard Program on nickelodeon. Call 1-800-258-2344.

Earth Mission: Possible Hands-on environmental poster for grades 2-5. Contact Plastic Bag Information Clearinghouse • 1817 C. Carson St. • Pittsburgh, PA 15203. Call 1-800-538-7476

Source: September 1996 NSTA Reports

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