CSRA Science Forum

On Tuesday, March 25, 1997, the CSRA Science Forum will be held at Augusta State University. The CSRA Science Forum is held concurrently with CSRA Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Students in grades 6-12 may participate in the science forum, whether or not they have been invited to participate in the CSRA Science and Engineering Fair. Participation in the Science Forum does not entitle a student to participate in the Science and Engineering Fair.
Each student participating in the Forum presents a 10-minute talk describing their research project on a scientific or engineering topic. The talk is attended by a group of judges and an interested audience. The presentation is followed by a five minute period during which the student will be asked questions by the judges and members of the audience. The time limitation is strictly observed. The use of visual displays such as charts, slides, or overhead transparencies is strongly encouraged.
Through the Forum, the young scientist can effectively demonstrate his or her ability to verbally communicate ideas and research. The Forum recognizes achievement in science and engineering topics even in the absence of an exhibit. Group projects may be presented during the Forum. The first, second, and third place awards will be presented at the Regional Fair awards ceremony. To enter the Science Forum, the teacher-supervisor should call Dr. Jeff Priest or Dr. Harold Ornes at 648-6851 no later than February 14, 1997 to request application forms and information. Deadline for the return and acceptance of applications and an abstract (three copies) containing additional details about the project is March 7, 1997.
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