MICC FEAMS Begins Second Year

The second year of the Mobile Instructional Computer Classroom For Elementary And Middle Schools (MICC FEAMS), sponsored by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education began on September 26, 1995. Twenty-one teachers from Allendale and Barnwell Counties enrolled in the course entitled Microcomputers in Instruction. The course was held in the old classroom building at USC Salkehatchie. During the course, the teachers learned to use an integrated package which includes word processor, data base, spreadsheet, drawing, painting, and communications portions. The activities centered around creating documents that are useful in a typical classroom. The teachers also learned to use a hypermedia authoring program which will enable teachers to create an electronic lesson that could be shared with their students. Finally, teachers had the opportunity to review and evaluate a number of educational software packages in mathematics and science.
Another component of the project works directly with elementary and middle school students. With this component, portable computers are taken to the classrooms of teachers who participated in the course. The student component began on November 8, 1995 and will continue through May, 1996. A total of 10 visits will be made to each classroom during the academic year. During the visits, students will engage in a series of mathematics and science activities using computer technology.

The 1995-1996 MICC FEAMS Course Participants are:

Allendale Primary School: Willa Mikell, Margaret Parker
Allendale-Fairfax High School: David Livingston, Janice Roberson
Allendale-Fairfax Middle School: Jay Beasley, Gerzell Chancy, Betty Hubbard, Casandra Kearse, James Lange, Suzy Lange, Henry Smalls, Yvonne Sease
Barnwell High School: John Dodge
Clark Middle School: Sandra James-Hodges
Fairfax Elementary School: DeAnna Bates, Sandra Daubard, Janice Cave, Anne Marie Hair, Susan Royster, Bess Strong, Lee White,

Jeff Faulk: Fairfax, Allendale Elementary & Allendale Primary

Master Teachers: Loretta Goodman, Allendale-Fairfax Middle School; Kay MacDonald, Kelly Edwards Elementary School

Project Director: Dr. Gary J. Senn

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