Microcomputers In Instruction (EDTE 531), Dr. Gary J. Senn, instructor

Course Description:
Students will learn the necessary techniques to make the computer a practical tool in the classroom. Students will learn the basics of an integrated word processor, spreadsheet, and database program and use them to produce handout materials, quizzes and tests, a computerized grade book, and student progress reports. Students will also evaluate a number of available computer assisted instructional programs. Hypermedia, the Internet, and electronic mail will also be introduced.

Using Real Data to Motivate Students to Learn Mathematics (SMED 796F), Ms. Gwen Johnson, instructor

Course Description:
This course will involve teachers in motivational, hands-on activities designed to teach them the content of statistics and teaching methodologies that are appropriate for grades K-8. Sessions on statistical inference will include sampling techniques, planning a survey or experiment, and discussion about the role of statistics in society. Data will be generated with devices that produce random outcomes from random number tables, calculators, or computers. Experiences in this course will give students concrete models that may be used to implement the NCTM Standards, the SC Curriculum Framework in Mathematics and the statistics guidelines recommended by the American Statistical Association.

Makin' Magic (SMED 730) Chemistry for Elementary & Middle School Teachers, Ms. Harriet Hare, instructor

Course Description: This hands-on chemistry course for elementary and middle school teachers will cover basic topics in chemistry and all lab work will be such that these activities could be used in the classroom. Teachers will receive a materials and supplies kit.

Local Ecology for Teachers (BIO 772A), Dr. Jeff Priest, instructor

Course Description: This unique classroom/field course for teachers is designed to introduce teachers to the ecology of South Carolina and Georgia. All teachers, from kindergarten to high school, who have an interest in their local environment would benefit from this course. There are also 3 Saturday field trips and one overnight field trip.

Physical Science for Teachers I (SMED 530) and Physical Science for Teachers Laboratory I (SMED 530L), Ms. Janet Watkins, instructor

Course Description:
This course is a classroom/ laboratory oriented course designed to introduce elementary and middle school teachers to physical science topics. The course will emphasize changes in matter and energy and will incorporate the National Science Standards and SC Frameworks. The co-requisite laboratory will give hands-on instruction and instruction in performance assessment. The course will meet for 60 contact hours.

Local Ecology for Teachers (BIO 772A), Dr. Jeff Priest & Dr. Harold Ornes, instructors

Course Description:
Join Dr. Priest and Dr. Ornes for the course of a lifetime, the Ecology of Alaska. This course is designed to familiarize participants with the geology, flora and fauna of Alaska, as well as some of the various cultures that make up the largest state in the union. After a week of preparation at the RPSEC, participants will fly into Anchorage and spend 13 days exploring the regions around the Kenai Peninsula, Wrangell-St. Elias and Denali. Accommodations for the trip will be a combination of camping and hotels/motels/inns.

Local Ecology for Teachers (BIO 772A), Dr. Gloria Allen, Emily Allen, and Dr. Stephen King, instructors

Course Description:
This course will focus on mathematics that can be enhanced by the TI-Math Explorer Plus and the TI-80 graphing calculator. Using technology, instructional approaches will be modeled which allow teachers and students to become active partners in exciting, rewarding, and intensive educational experiences. This course is intended primarily for mathematics teachers in grades 4-8, including pre-algebra and algebra I teachers. No prior technology experience is necessary. The institute is for beginners as well as those with some experience using technology. Participants will receive a TI-80 graphing calculator, TI Explorer Plus calculator, and other mathematics resource materials.

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