This award winning novel, suitable for 7th to 10th graders, is about a young boy in the 1930s who is orphaned and goes to live with his Cherokee Grandmother and Grandfather in an Appalachian Mountain cove. Here, Little Tree receives his education from the earth, nature, and simple traditions of the mountain people and the Cherokee. The Green River Preserve and the Tugaloo Environmental Education Center (TEEC) have adapted The Education of Little Tree into a unique interdisciplinary teaching unit for classroom use with a field program designed to inspire and stimulate students and teachers.

The curriculum guide is designed to be used in the classroom prior to a field visit to TEEC, and will help students achieve the following goals:

TEEC is offering a training seminar and orientation to teachers who wish to use this heartwarming and sensitive book to teach values, culture, history and practical uses of math and science. The classroom unit can them be reinforced during a 4-day, real life experience at TEEC, which is located in an Appalachian Mountain cove, similar to that of Little Tree's. Having read and discussed The Education of Little Tree in your classroom, you will have imagined how Grandpa's cabin looked and felt. Once you have arrived at TEEC, you will actually experience their lifestyles - the simplicity of Grandpa's cabin, the secret place at the swing, and the wonder of life as seen through Little Tree's eyes. The activities and facilities will reinforce the book and classroom projects, and will be an event that students and teachers will remember for a lifetime.

Seminars may be conducted at your school or at TEEC. For more information, call 1-800-741-1139. If you are thinking of ignoring this announcement, don't! Read The Education of Little Tree, THEN you will CALL.