RPSEC Traveling Demonstrations

What a year this has been! The Traveling Demonstrations Program has been presented to over 300 teachers this school year. Teachers are now calling in to reserve these kits as well as volunteer scientists and engineers from Westinghouse Savannah River Company to be used in their classrooms. Kits are in high demand and requests are being filled as readily as possible. Don't forget to reserve these for next semester as soon as possible. If your school has not been exposed to the program as of yet - fear not, WE ARE ON OUR WAY. The following teacher workshops are planned:
Date Group Level Time Location
1/13/95Faculty Elem./Middle 2:30-4:30 Guinyard Butler
1/17/95 Faculty Elementary 9:00-12:00 N. Aiken Elem.

All schools in the CSRA HUB region will receive inservice this year and we hope to expand the program to other CSRA counties next Fall.

In addition to the kits already available, several volunteers from WSRC are developing additional kits which will include more biological and environmental concepts.

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