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Meaningful Mathematics Through Manipulatives

SMED 769 I

Credit: 3 hours graduate credit

Fee: $50 application fee

Days: Wednesdays, beginning January 11, 1995

Time: 3:15 PM - 6:15 PM

Location: North Aiken Elementary School

Instructor: Ms. Gwen Johnson, Program Director, RPSEC

Deadline: January 6, 1995


If equals one square unit of area, what is the area covered by the figure on the geoboard?

If equals one unit of area, what is the area covered by the figure?

These are problems that first graders can learn to solve when given the opportunity to manipulate materials. Beginning in January, elementary teachers will learn many concrete ways to teach children mathematics concepts that have traditionally been approached in a completely abstract manner. Participants in this course will be totally immersed in hands-on, minds-on mathematics that they can use with their students while they strengthen their own understanding. Teachers will learn how to use the geoboards across the grades to teach kindergarten concepts (such as shape, size, orientation) through middle school concepts (such as area, fractions, transformational geometry). Lessons will involve problem solving and learning how to look for and describe patterns in mathematics. Teachers will also learn how to integrate calculators, pattern blocks, number cubes, attribute blocks, hundreds boards, decimal squares, fraction bars, paper folding, and games into mathematics instruction. Activities that allow teachers to relate mathematics to other disciplines and to real world applications will be explored by participants.

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