SMED R769 Graduate Level

Credit: 1 hour graduate credit

Fee: $20 application fee

Days: Tuesdays or Thursdays

Times: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Location: USC Aiken

Instructor: Gloria W. Allen CSRA HUB Mathematics Specialist

Deadline: January 12, 1995

Description: The CSRA HUB will present a series of tuition free Intensive Mathematics Seminars for elementary, middle, and high school teachers of mathematics in Aiken, Allendale, Barnwell, and Edgefield counties during January through March of 1995. Last year, 87 teachers from 45 schools in the CSRA HUB participated in the seminars. Each school is invited to select two lead teachers who were not participants last year to participate in the seminars. The seminars will provide a unique opportunity for teachers to become more informed on national trends in mathematics content, participate in related discussions, model selected instructional techniques, and learn effective uses of calculator and computer enhanced investigations. Each seminar will consist of 3 one-day sessions held at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center. For any one group of teachers, seminar sessions will be spaced at least three weeks apart so that between sessions teachers will be able to utilize what they have learned in their respective classrooms. They may also schedule workshops in their schools. Substitute pay will be provided by the CSRA HUB. Participants who take professional leave and attend all three sessions may receive one-hour of graduate credit. The seminars were developed in response to needs expressed by teachers and principals throughout the CSRA HUB. Interested teachers should call the Center at (803) 648-6851, Ext. 3313 for more information.

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