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Physical Science with a Chemistry Focus

SMED 530/530L - Graduate Level

Credit: 4 hours graduate credit

Fee: $50 application fee

Days: Thursdays

Time: 3:30 PM - 7:30 PM, Jan. 19 - May 5, 1995

Location: USC Aiken

Instructor: Ms. Harriet Hare, Aiken County Science Specialist

Deadline: January 12, 1995

Description: Coming this Spring at your request! Fun, thrills and excitement!! You never knew science could be so much fun! Great demonstrations and hands on activities for use in your classroom! This course is designed for Kindergarten through Physical Science teachers to increase understanding of content as well as to raise the comfort level of teachers with topics that include Chemistry concepts. The course will include hands-on lab activities appropriate for the classroom. Teachers will receive a kit of materials to take back to their individual schools. The course is funded by DEMSEA for all Aiken County teachers. Those outside of Aiken County should contact their local DEMSEA coordinator to check eligibility in using their funds. Look for SMED 530 when registering or call Debbie Gregory at 641-2484 for further information. As a follow up and/or continuation, SMED 540/540L "Phun With Phorces: Physical Science with a Physics Focus" will be offered in the summer and is appropriate for K-Physical Science teachers. It will follow the same format as SMED 530/530L and carry 4 credit hours.

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