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Dear Readers,

As I sit here at my desk, pondering what to write about, I am reminded of how far we have come as a Center over the past seven years. Although I feel a sense of accomplishment, there is much more I hope we can accomplish over the next seven years. Therefore I submit to you my Christmas and New Year wish list:

  1. Math and science specialists for all elementary schools that desire them.
  2. All post-secondary institutions in the State of South Carolina change the way they teach math and science so that they follow State and National science and mathematics standards.
  3. Every school within the CSRA HUB (the state as well) become linked through some type of electronic mail.
  4. Every classroom has at least 5 computers for teachers to use in instruction.
  5. All teachers feel comfortable using technology to enhance their teaching capabilities.
  6. All teachers get to attend a professional meeting of their choice at least once a year.
  7. All teachers have access to the materials necessary to teach mathematics and science as promoted by the State and National science and mathematics standards.
  8. All principals in the HUB region attend one of our science and mathematics administrative leadership institutes.
  9. All schools within the CSRA HUB region work as a unit to determine the direction they want to take science and mathematics education. Once this is accomplished there will be no stopping this region from becoming the leader in science and mathematics education reform, not only in the State, but in the Country as well.
  10. The Dupont Planetarium located at the Center opens to the public by September 1995.
  11. Construction of the addition to the Center be completed by January 1997 so the Center can expand its programs and offer better services to this region.
  12. All students and teachers find mathematics and science as fun and exciting for them as it is for the RPSEC staff.
These are the wishes and resolutions we will be working on at the RPSEC/CSRA HUB over the next few years. I hope some of our wishes match your wishes. For myself and the rest of the RPSEC/CSRA HUB staff, have a happy and safe holiday season. See you next year!

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