Animals live all over the world. The place an animal lives is its HABITAT. Every animal is suited for its habitat. Read about each animal below. Write the name of its home using the words provided in the word box.

1. I am a camel. I live where it is hot, sandy, and dry. I can go without water for many days. (desert)
2. I am a whale. I live in water. I eat other fish for food. (ocean)
3. I am a polar bear. My thick fur keeps me warm. I can walk on ice and snow. (North Pole)
4. I am a Pine snake, I live under rocks, in warm or dark places. I like to eat small rodents. (Forest)
5. I am a Howler Troop (monkey). I make my home in the trees. I like to yell very loudly. (Rain Forest)

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