Dr. Gary J. Senn, Technologies Director for the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center, presented a paper entitled "Student Created HyperCard Stacks for Motivation and Evaluation" at the South Carolina Association for Educational Technology in October 1994. The focus of the study was Multimedia. The presentation discussed using HyperCard in the classroom as an effective motivational tool and as a method of alternative assessment by training students to produce their own HyperCard stacks. A method of evaluating the stacks and providing student feedback was also discussed. Dr. Senn, with Dr. Tom Smythe (Associate Professor of Education, USC Aiken), presented a paper entitled "Macintosh Computer Classroom and Laboratory Security: Preventing Unwanted Changes to the System" at the Higher Education Network Association Conference in October 1994. The presentation reviewed two products that offer desktop security but maintain the Macintosh interface, "MacPerfect" by Hi Resolution and "FoolProof" by SmartStuff Software. System availability in a classroom or laboratory setting can be a computer services administratorŐs nightmare. While the Macintosh system makes it simple for users to produce quality products with limited time and training, users can also make changes to the system that can interfere with productivity. The source of these user changes are usually out of ignorance but often come from maliciousness. Many administrators must spend time removing software added to the system or replacing software removed from the system. Additionally, users can change many of the settings from within the control panels, which need to be reset by the administrator.

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