Family Math and Family Science are alive and well in South Carolina schools. Family Math, first introduced in SC in 1988, has spread like wildfire. Many schools across the state sponsor parent/child workshops for more than 100 participants per session. Other schools have extended the concept to Family Geography, Family Art, and Family Reading.

The Family Math and Family Science programs were developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley Campus. These two equity programs are part of a larger effort called the Equals Program and have taken the nation by storm. Recently, Sherron Pfeiffer, one of the national Family Math and Science trainers, provided five days of instruction for a cadre of 35 teacher-leaders from across South Carolina. As a result of the new training, these teacher-leaders will be able to help the 13 HUBs disseminate the program to many more schools.

On Nov. 29 - Dec. 2, Gwen Johnson (Program Director, Ruth Patrick Science Education Center) presented a 3-day upper elementary-middle school Family Math/Family Science Leadership Workshop for the CSRA HUB teachers. These teachers are now able to facilitate school level classes for parents and their children. A primary level leadership workshop is planned for the spring semester. Schools interested in having a team of teachers trained should call Gwen Johnson or Wanda Thieken by January 6, 1995.

The State Department of Education is supporting this effort by offering two types of grants through the local HUBs. The first type of grant will provide funding for each HUB to sponsor 3-day Family Math and Science Teacher Leadership Workshops. The second type of grant will be available directly to schools on a competitive basis and may be used to support school level Family Math and Science Sessions with parents and children. Each parent-child cycle generally consists of four 1-1/2 hour sessions over a period of four weeks during the evening. Support from local businesses has been strong statewide. Interested principals and teachers in Aiken, Allendale, Barnwell, and Edgefield counties are encouraged to contact the CSRA HUB Math or Science Specialist or Gwen Johnson for more information (648-6851, Ext. 3552).

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