Curriculum Leadership Institute Revisited

On October 25th and 26th, the participants in last summer's Curriculum Leadership Institute met to share their experiences and exchange ideas for future plans to enhance math and science education. Demonstration lessons in the use of graphics calculators were shared by Gloria Allen and Barbara Sproull. Alternate methods of graphing, such as box-and-whiskers graphs and stem-and-leaf graphs, were demonstrated in an activity led by Gwen Johnson. Harriet Hare informed the group of the format and requirements for developing chemical hygiene plans within each school. Pam Graves, Director of the Natural Resources Environmental Education Program demonstrated a lesson in measurement and the environment. Participants from various schools and grade levels grouped themselves as teams to plan teacher exchange programs and workshops within participating schools. These team experiences will give participants valuable experience in their growth as professional instructional leaders.

In addition to the model lessons and planning sessions, the district and area superintendents and building principals attended a luncheon with the participants to discuss future implementation of math and science programs involving the curriculum leaders.

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