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On November 11, 1994, with the help of Senator Strom Thurmond, the Living Periodic Table was unveiled at the Center. The Living Periodic Table is a 20 foot by 8 foot cabinet shaped exactly like the periodic table that children commonly see only on paper. The Table is a wall-mounted cabinet with windowed drawers for each of the elements found on the periodic table. Behind each window is at least one item that contains the element and most of these items can be found around the common household. Over one hundred people and/or organizations donated $100 each to sponsor an element on the table. The table was the brainchild of Dr. Henry Gurr, a physics professor at USC Aiken. He enlisted the help of the Savannah River Chapter of the American Chemical Society to raise the funds and help design the table. The Savannah River Chapter raised over $15,000 to construct the table. Donor names and the elements sponsored by each are engraved on brass plaques mounted on a wooden backing which will be hung near the cabinet. The American Chemical Society was founded in 1876 and chartered by Congress. It is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of chemistry in the public interest. The Savannah River Section is one of 186 across the nation serving the Society's 150,000 members. The chairman of the Savannah River Section of ACS is Dr. Christopher J. Bannochie. Other members of the fund-raising committee for the Table are Dr. Dick Spaunburgh, Dr. Monty Fetterolf, Dr. Henry Gurr, Ms. Gwen Johnson, and Dr. Gary Senn. The table will be used to help bring the periodic table and chemistry to life for students and teachers who participate in the Center's programs. Many thanks to all who helped bring the Table to life.

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