1. Divide your students into teams - 4 or more if possible. Let each team decide upon a name. Their names must be relative to Mammals, ie. Dolphin Dudes.

2. Explain that each team will pick a card from a hat numbered from 1 to 4. This will determine the order of questioning.

3. Explain that you will read a question to a team. Each question will count 10 to 40 points. If the team cannot answer the question they can "Pass" to the next team. The team with the highest points wins!

4. Award all class members for their excellent effort!

Sample Questions

10: What mammal is the most common pet in the U.S.? (Cat)

10: What farm mammal did Little Bo Peep lose? (Sheep)

20: What mammal pet is called "Man's Best Friend"? (Dog)

30: Name an endangered species in the ocean. (Gray Whale, Manatee)

40: What African primate was sent into space before humans? (Chimpanzee)

40: Name a mammal that is extinct. (Mammoth, Mastodon, Dire Wolf).

(Tammy Mims, RPSEC Program Specialist)

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