The Ruth Patrick Science Education Center (RPSEC) received a grant from the South Carolina Commission for Higher Education to fund the project called “Mobile Instructional Computer Classroom For Elementary And Middle Schools” (MICC FEAMS). The project will be directed by Dr. Gary J. Senn, Technologies Director at the RPSEC. The project involves the purchase of 30 Macintosh PowerBook computers and appropriate software to help teachers incorporate computer technology into their classrooms. MICC FEAMS is based partly on the successful project, “Computer Technology For Elementary And Middle Schools” (CT FEAMS) that was conducted at the RPSEC from 1992-1994. In the CT FEAMS project, students and teachers were taken to the RPSEC to use computer technology. With MICC FEAMS, instead of taking the students and teachers to the technology, the technology will be taken to the students and teachers.

The approach of the project is to begin by offering a course to teachers. This course is open to teachers interested in learning how to use computer technology in the classroom. No previous computer experience is necessary. After the course is underway, the student program will begin. Students of the teachers taking the course will have opportunity to use the MICC as part of their classroom instruction.

The grant will fund the project for two years. During the first year, the project will concentrate its efforts in Barnwell County with some participation from Allendale teachers. During the second year, the project will concentrate its efforts in Allendale County. The project is also designed to make computers more available to schools. Teachers who have participated in previous computer technology projects will be invited to a workshop demonstrating the use of the MICC. Teachers who successfully complete the workshop will be able to “check-out” the MICC and use it in their classrooms. This portion of the project will continue after the completion of the two year funding of the grant.

Course: EDTE 531 (3 graduate credit hours)

Instructor: Dr. Gary J. Senn

Location: Williston-Elko Middle School

Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Dates: October 4 - December 9, 1994 (no class November 24)

Cost: Registration fee - $50.00 (after acceptance into the course)

Contact Wanda Thieken at (803) 648-6851, ext. 3313 or Bess Lawton at 584-3446, ext. 128 for registration information.

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