The CSRA Science Forum was held on Thursday, March 31, 1994 at USC Aiken. The CSRA Science Forum is held concurrently with the CSRA Regional Science and Engineering Fair, and is open to students in Grade 6 and up. Each student who participated in the Forum presented a 10-minute talk describing their research on a scientific or engineering topic. The presentation was followed by a five minute period during which the students were asked questions by the judges and members of the audience.

Through the Forum, the young scientist can effectively demonstrate his or her ability to verbally communicate ideas and research. The Forum recognizes achievement in science and engineering topics even in the absence of an exhibit. Suitable topics for presentation include student research on a scientific subject done either in the laboratory or the library. Judges give special preference to students who present evidence of original and independent thinking. Consideration is also given to the scientific content, organization, and clarity of the presentation.

Congratulations to this yearŐs winners: Vinod Thomas, Episcopal Day School, 8th Grade, "The Oligodynamic Action of Heavy Metals on Bacterial E.coli"; Joshua Estep, Jackson Middle School, 7th Grade, "Visual-Spatial Performance of Dextral and Non-Dextral Subjects in a Computer Flight Simulator"; Alexis Armenakis, Batesburg-Leesville High School, "The Effect of UV Radiation on the Normal germination of Lettuce Seed Treated with Vitamin Supplements"; Robin Hochel, South Aiken High School, 12th Grade, "Will an Allium Test Detect Environmental Pollutants in Langley Pond?"; Erica Matherly, Thomson High School, 9th Grade, "The Effect of Second-Hand Smoke on the Rate of Learning"; and Justin Maynard, Westside High School, 10th Grade, "How Does the Amount of Chromium in Stainless Steel Affect Its Resistance to Corrosion".

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