Student Program Descriptions

Program Title.....Grades.....Brief Description

Chem-Mysteries 3-6 Students will solve problems using their "who-done-it" investigative skills.

Hitchcock Woods Ecohike K-12 Students will be escorted on a guided hike through part of Hitchcock Woods, our nation's largest urban forest. The maximum number of students allowed is 30.

Decisions! An Environmental Dilemma 4-9 Through computer-assisted role-playing activities, students will be involved in uncovering a environmental dilemma through a real-world scenario.

Animals with Backbones K-12 Students will learn first hand to identify attributes of vertebrate groups.

Those Amazing Insects K-3 Students will learn about insect development and life cycles. They will discuss basic insect anatomy, characteristics, and behavioral patterns.

Primarily Bears K-3 Students will become acquainted with the natural instincts and habitat of the black bear.

Matheletes 4-8 Students will lean to observe the world around them by estimating, measuring, comparing, looking for patterns and relationships, and using reasoning skills. This is sports math!

Gee Yamma Trees Plantation 4-8 Students will work cooperatively to plan a housing development, build models of the housing units, and make sketches in order to make decisions regarding the economic and environmental impact of their constructions.

Popular Polling 3-8 Students will explore the opinions, preferences, and uniqueness of fellow students and teachers by collecting responses to interesting student-posed questions and analyzing them.

Making the Math Connection 4-8 Videocassette snippets or short programs will be used to introduce real world mathematics applications into the classroom.

Enhance Chance 1-8 Enhance Chance involves students in a series of exciting, but structured dice games designed to teach not only probability, but also a variety of mathematics concepts and skills.

Electricity Wonders 3-6 Depending on the background of the class, this program can provide an initial introduction to building electrical circuits, identifying conductors and insulators, or making switch mechanisms.

Simple Machines 3-6 Students will build two or more simple machines from common everyday materials.

"Sound"-sational Activities K-3 Students will make their own "instruments" from everyday objects and study sound waves.

Science Fair Flair 4-12 Students will engage in activities which demonstrate the components of the scientific method.

Ruth Patrick Center Tour K-12 The RPSEC guided building and grounds tour is designed for first time visitors. As the students trail the presenter, they become actively involved in a series of mini science lessons.

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