Celebrating 20 Years of the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center


Yes! The RPSEC is celebrating 20 years of infusing the love of science mathematics, and technology for people in the Central Savannah River Area. As Dr. Ruth Patrick has demonstrated a life-long love for science and displayed a pioneering spirit in the field, the science education center that bears her name has spent 20 years emulating her example of excellence. A 20th anniversary is often the basis for celebration and the 20th anniversary of the RPSEC is no exception.

The kick-off for this celebration will center around the annual Science Education Enrichment Day (SEED). Activities during SEED will highlight the 20th anniversary. We hope to see a large number of students and perhaps some classes of students come to SEED and have an opportunity to Meet Dr. Patrick. There will be a special breakfast for area teachers where Dr. Patrick will present the first annual “Spirit of Ruth Patrick” award. A number of area teachers and their families will be invited to this special celebration.

On March 3, 2007 there will be a total lunar eclipse and the RPSEC will host a special evening under the stars. We are in the process of inviting a special speaker to this event to help in our celebration. On April 21, 2007 we will tie Earth Week and National Astronomy Day into our 20th anniversary activities.

These are just a few of the events that will occur during our year of celebration. In our next newsletter we will highlight other activities and take a tour through time to get a glimpse of the establishment and early years of the RPSEC. Please join us during this exciting year when we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center.

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