Ruth Patrick Science Education Center
Undergoes Staff Changes

Dr. Elisabeth Schussler, RPSEC Student Programs Coordinator, has joined the faculty at the University of Miami-Ohio. She is in the Botany Department in the College of Arts and Sciences. We wish her well in her new position.
Deborah McMurtrie has accepted the position as the Student Programs Coordinator to replace Beth. Deborah started in this new role on August 10, 2005. Deborah brings with her a master’s degree plus 33 hours of post graduate work and She is currently working on her Ph.D. She also has more than fifteen years of teaching experience. Most recently, Deborah was a part-time student programs instructor at the RPSEC so some of you might have enjoyed an instructional experience with her in the past year.
There has been much information disseminated regarding the pending ending of funding for the NRSMEEP program. Our working deadline to secure new funding to continue the program was June 30, 2005. Unfortunately, funding did not materialize. With an uncertain future for NRSMEEP, Jody Childs accepted a teaching position at Walhalla High School in the Upstate of South Carolina. We wish him well in his new position. Ann Bohnet has been named the Director of NRSMEEP and will continue providing quality instruction in the NRSMEEP tradition. Deborah Lindsay is currently seeking other employment.