South Carolina Physical Science Companion Project Date and Time TBA


The Physical Science Companion Project is based on a matrix developed from the SC Department of Education (SDE) approved Physical Science End-of-Course Standards which includes objectives, activities, web sites, ITV resources, textbook correlations, as outlined in a Physical Science Course Guide developed by the SDE and a committee of exemplary Physical Science Teachers in 2002.

Teachers in the Physical Science Companion program have access to a web site, lab equipment and materials, lesson plans correlated to their adopted PS textbook, and on-site expertise that will support them in their work with students. The one-day workshop conductd by experienced physical science teachers will showcase bestt practices, laboratory safety, assessment strategies, and a question and answer session on the Physical Science End-of-Course Test.

The date and time of this workshop has yet to be announced. Please call 803-641-3594 if you are interested in attending this training.