JASON Expedition: Mysteries of Earth and Mars - SC STEP UP

The Jason Expedition: Mysteries of Earth and Mars workshop is a learning experience that will enable y ou to implement the SC science standards in exciting ways and integrate technology into your curriculum. Through dynamic hands-on activities, you will examine the physical properties of space science, discover the engineering challenges of robotic exploration, compare the geological proceses that shaped Earth and Mars, and learn about requirements for life and astrobiology in extreme environments. This two-day workshop will provide you with the neccessary materials, resources and knowledge to take your students on the upcoming exciting scientific expedition! NASA educators and scientists will be on-hand along with a real meteorite from Mars. Join Us!

Funding is provided for this workshop by a grant from the US Department of Education to imporove student achievement and teacher quality in science, as measured by scientifically based research performance, within the underserved 4th through 8th grade populations. Additional funding is provided by SC Space Grant, SERCH, and the Lowcountry Hall of Science & Math in support of inspiring science, technology, engineering and math education in South Carolina.

September 9th and 10th, 2005

SCETV Telecommunications Center on 1101 George Rogers Blvd. in Columbia. You must register in order to attend.

8:30am0 3:30pm (Lunch will be provided both days.)

Teachers in grades 4-8 including individual teachers of science as well as teams of teachers representing science, mathematics, language arts, and social studies.

There is a $30 fee for the workshop, distance learning follow-up, and on-line courses, and services. Transportation to the workshop site an dlodging if needed will be the responsibility of the educator or school/district.

How do I apply?
Mail the application form along with the $30 check made payable to SCETV to:

Terry Pound
1101 George Rogers Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29201