Natural Resources Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education Program (NRSMEEP)


A cooperative effort of the Department of Energy, the USDA Forest Service, the Silver Bluff Audubon Education Center, and the University of South Carolina at Aiken



The Natural Resources Science, Mathematics and Engineering Education Program (NRSMEEP) has completed another great year enhancing science and math skills of thousands of local students and teachers.  Unfortunately, budget cuts have resulted in losing Danielle Murfee as an instructor.  Anne Bohnet and Jody Childs will remain to provide programming this school year.  The Department of Energy does not plan to continue funding for NRSMEEP after this year.


Over 20 classes participated in a project last year where we administered pre and post visit testing of students on content, inquiry skills and interest in science and math.  Results have shown that students gain an average of 20%-30%.  We will be comparing their science PACT test scores later this fall.  We anticipate a positive correlation for students who participated in NRSMEEP vs. students at the same school in the same grade that did not participate.

BE on the lookout for our list of teacher workshops that we will be offering this year.  Please consider sending your classroom aids to get some great resources for your classroom.   We will be paying for your substitutes while you or your aid are out.  Currently, we will not be able to pay for your bus transportation costs this year.  Additionally, we will be charging $3.00 per student per visit on all field trips.  If we get some funds from the Richmond and Aiken districts, then we may be able to help defer the transportation cost for your students.  We have provided over $2,000,000, in services over the last 10 years.  If you feel that this program has benefited you and your students then please let your school district know.   You could also write the US Department of Energy, Office of the Secretary, 1000 Independence Blv., Washington, DC (???) to express our concerns.  Writing your congressman would even be more effective.


We have a few slots open for this year if you want to apply to bring out your students. We are still doing all day programming so your students get a whole day of quality outdoor education at either SRS or The Silver Bluff Audubon Center.  Please call Debbie at 803-725-0070 to register your class.



Have a great school year!!!!!                  Jody Childs, Director




Teacher workshops 2004-2005

Teacher Aids are also welcome!!


Register at or call Debbie at 803-725-0770.