Building a Presence for Science at Your School – Creating Teacher-Learners to Improve Student Achievement

This summer, twenty-three POCs and other science and math teachers attended a 3-day workshop, Creating Teacher-Learner Communities: Improving Student Achievement in Math and Science. The workshop focused on specific strategies that have demonstrated significant gains in student achievement on end-of-year tests such as PACT. These strategies centered around a curriculum aligned to standards and best practices in instruction and assessment. Teachers were paid a stipend to attend the workshop as well as six follow-up meetings that are scheduled throughout this school year. Support for this program comes from the Math Science Unit of the South Carolina Department of Education.

Schools who have participants in the program include Fairfax Elementary, Chukker Creek (4 teachers), W.E. Parker Elementary (2), Greendale Elementary (2), Allendale County Adult Education, Aiken Preparatory School (2), New Ellington Middle School, J. D. Lever Elementary, Aiken Middle, Barnwell 45, Hunter-Kinard-Tyler Elementary, Jefferson Davis Academy, Jefferson Elementary, Macedonia Elementary, Kennedy Middle (2), Warrenville Elementary, Oakwood-Windsor Elementary.

POCs who are interested in improving student achievement at their schools are invited to the follow-up sessions. The sessions are scheduled to meet at the RPSEC 4:30-6:30 PM on August 16, September 13, October 11, December 6, February 7, and April 18.
The Building a Presence for Science program is a national program that was adopted by South Carolina in 1999. As part of this program, a Point of Contact (POC) was identified for every school in the state. If you do not know who your POC is for your school, contact Key Leaders Gregory MacDougall (803-641-3250, or Karey Santos (