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High School Science Update
Information from Linda Sinclair, Science Coordinator
SC Department of Education
  • High School Science Materials Adoption:
    The State Department of Education will be opening for adoption the areas of Physical Science, Biology I and II, Applied Biology I and II, Advanced Placement Biology, Chemistry I and II, Applied Chemistry, Advanced Placement Chemistry, Physics, Applied Physics, and Advanced Placement Physics. Members of the selection committee will attend the publisher presentations in June, review and evaluate materials during the summer, and be present for deliberations and voting in September.
  • End-of-Course Standards Issues:
    The Standards for Physical Science and Biology were approved by the State Board of Education (first reading) in November. They are currently being reviewed by the Education Oversight Committee (EOC). Several committees including both an expert internal review panel, an expert external review panel, parents, business, and community will evaluate the standards using the following criteria: comprehensiveness, balance, rigor, measurability, manageability, and organization/communication. Following the EOC review and recommendations, the standards will be submitted to the State Board of Education for approval in March (second reading). These are the standards that will be the basis for end-of-course testing in Biology and Physical Science.
  • End-of-Course Testing Issues (current as of 2/11/02):
    End-of-course test standards for Physical Science and Biology have just completed EOC review. The SDE will consider the recommendations from EOC. We expect EOC approval in March and SDE approval in April. End-of-course tests in Physical Science and Biology will be field tested in December of 2002 if all goes according to schedule.

High School Mathematics and Science Materials Up for Adoption in the
2002-2003 School Year
School-based Materials Review Suggestions for
August - March
  1. Select school leader(s) and grade level contacts who have working knowledge of standards, best practices in teaching, and time to give to this important task. Use these individuals as your materials review committee.
  2. Make sure everyone involved is aware of board policy on materials adoptions. Invite a parent/community representative to the committee. Make sure everyone is aware of the board policy on vendor contact.
  3. Dedicate committee meeting time to this task.
  4. Make sure that representatives attend meetings and have an opportunity to share information from meetings in a timely fashion.
  5. Make a storage site available for all the volume of materials you will receive.
  6. Try out a lesson / unit.
  7. Remind everyone involved that the most important consideration is selecting the instructional materials for students that will allow them the best opportunity to meet both the content and process standards that are stated in the South Carolina Standards 2000.
  8. Once the decision has been made, involve the committee in the planning of professional development for the materials that were selected.

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