Aiken County Public Schools

Mathematics Curriculum Guide
Implementations Timeline

Grades K-5 and Grades 9-12

Date/ Time

August 19, 1998 Wednesday 8:30 - 10:00 AM

Curriculum Guide Orientation Workshop

K-1 Warrenville Elem
2-3 South Aiken High
4-5 Chukker Creek Elem
9-12 Midland Valley High

September 16, 1998 Wednesday 3:30 - 5:00 PM

Standards-based Instruction and Assessment

Workshop #1

  • Geometry and Spatial Sense Standards
  • Measurement Standards

K-1 Chukker Creek Elem
2-3 East Aiken Elem
4-5 Aiken Elementary
9-12 Midland Valley High

October 21, 1998 Wednesday

Standards-based Instruction and Assessment

Workshop #2 3:30 - 5:00 PM

  • Number and Numeration Systems
  • StandardsProbability and Statistics Standards


November 13, 1998 Friday, 5:00 PM

Deadline for Curriculum Guide Feedback

Send to Michele Conner

November 18, 1998 Wednesday 3:30 - 5:00 PM

Standards-based Instruction and Assessment

Workshop #3

  • Numerical & Algebraic Concepts & Operations Standards
  • Patterns, Relationships, and Functions Standards


December 1998

Final Editing of Curriculum Guide

January 1999

Presentation of Curriculum Guide to the Board

Spring 1999

Standards-based Instruction and Assessment

Workshop #4

  • Standards-driven Curricula
  • Assessment


The CSRA Hub Curriculum Leadership Institute (CLI) teachers in Aiken County participated in a June workshop for the purpose of developing a standard's based instructional aid for teachers. A new document, A Guidebook for Teachrs and Administrators: Using Standards to Drive Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment was produced in the statewide workshop sponsored by the State Department of Education and the SC Statewide Systemic Initiative.

To facilitate dissemination and expansion of the Guidebook, several regional sessions were held this summer for district representatives in various areas around the state. The CLI teachers will assist in this effort by helping to familiarizing other K-12 teachers of Aiken County with this new document, the new SC Curriculum Standards, the new Aiken County Science and Mathematics Curriculum Guides and the Sc Accountability Act. All of these documents will impact student performance on the new Palmetto Academic Challenge Test (PACT), Model lessons, which include sample Guidebook and Aiken County Curriculum Guide modules.

The CLI teachers will work with the Aiken County Curriculum Guide Committee in the scheduled monthly grade-level sessions beginning in September. These sessions for K-12 teachers on the alignment of local curriculum guides and the SC Curriculum Standards will be a continuation of the August District Inservices.

The CLI teachers assisting the Math Curriculum Guide Writing Team members are: Belinda Anthony, Chukker Creek Elementary; Esther Blake, Chukker Creek Elementary, Celeste Brockington, South Aiken High; Johnella Gaines, Allendale Elementary; Karey Santos, Aiken Elementary; Carolina Clay, Gloverville Elementary; Robin Glenn, North Augusta High; Harriet Pritchard, Blackville-Hilda High; Janice Kitchings, Busbee Elementary; Debra Rood, Aiken Elementary.

The Math Curriculum Guide Writing Team members are: Suzanne Scott, J.D. Lever Elementary; Annie Hawkins, Aiken High; Dale Smith, Chukker Creek Elementary; Delorise Childs, Warrenville Elementary; Diane Roaden; Silver Bluff High School, Helen Garvin, Chukker Creek; Karen Williams, North Augusta High; Ron Bell, Midland Valley High; Cathy Young, East Aiken Elementary; Debbie Bass, Wagener-Salley High; Denise Dearman, Greendale Elementary; Donna Ann Gilmer, North Aiken Elementary; Jennifer Crawford, Gloverville Elementary; Amy Sims, Byrd Elementary; Connie Ferrell, Aiken Elementary; Debra Shealy, Ridge-Spring Elementary; Denise McGee, Redcliffe Elementary, Karen Jones, Clearwater Elementary; Priscilla Hammet, South Aiken High.

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