Camp Invention

The sounds of “Camp Invention is our name. Being inventors is our game,” rang through the halls of the RPSEC as 95 first- through sixth- grade students stretched their imaginations at this year’s Camp Invention program. The RPSEC welcomed students from across the CSRA for the fifth year for a week-long science day camp full of learning and fun.

Camp Invention, sponsored locally by the RPSEC, inspires creativity and inventive-thinking through science, math, history and the arts. It offered children hands-on activities with five age-appropriate modules each day including disassembling old machinery and using parts to make their own inventions in the I Can Invent module; rebuilding a cleaner, more eco-friendly city in the Saving Sludge City module; art with recycled materials in the Art Park module; executing a trip to Mars, and becoming the first astronauts to explore the planet in the "M.A.R.S." module.

"Camp Invention's creators continue to surprise and delight us with their innovative approach to education," according to John Hutchens, director of the RPSEC program. Children who attend Camp Invention learn skills that enhance their abilities to brainstorm, solve problems and work in teams. “As educators, we know that children of all ages should continue sharpening these skills as we enter an era in which critical thinking will be extremely important to their future,” said Hutchens.

Camp Invention began in 1990 as an education outreach program of the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation in Akron, Ohio, with support from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The first camp in Akron was such a huge hit, and enthusiasm for the program spread so rapidly, that by 1995 the program was able to go nationwide. This summer, more than 52,000 children participated in Camp Invention.