CE-MIST Funding Begins

The new Center of Excellence in Middle-level Interdisciplinary Strategies for Teaching (CE- MIST) began funding in August 2008. The project was made possible through support of the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education under the auspices of the state EIA Teacher Education Centers of Excellence Grant Program.

CE-MIST will work with teachers and students at three schools in the CSRA: A.L. Corbett Middle School, Johnston-Edgefield-Trenton (JET) Middle School and Leavelle McCampbell Middle School. Activities will include professional development for teachers and activities for students.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Developing and modeling exemplary teacher training programs.
To address this goal, CE-MIST will develop and model programs that are: collaborative, field-based, use state-of-the-art technology and use proven strategies.

Goal 2: Providing hands-on, inquiry-based, research-supported programs.
CE-MIST will provide hands-on, inquiry-based, research-supported programs that incorporate innovative practices in teaching middle-level children with diverse backgrounds and learning styles from targeted low performing schools. Goal 2 is related to Goal 1 but shifts the focus from teacher to student. The middle-level students will have opportunity to engage in these activities at the RPSEC at the USCA, which will introduce them to a higher education institution and allow them to benefit from the state-of-the-art, RPSEC facility.

Goal 3: Developing an influential constituency for the Center.
CE-MIST will develop an influential constituency by following the model exemplified by the RPSEC. A new group, the CE-MIST Advisory Council, will be created during this project. This group will be composed of individuals from each of the partner schools, USCA and key individuals with backgrounds in middle-level philosophy.

Goal 4: Achieving a position of leadership in the state
As CE-MIST develops and models exemplary teacher training programs and develops an influential constituency, there will be a natural progression to achieving a position of leadership in South Carolina.

Goal 5: Develop a detailed research agenda.

For more information about CE-MIST, visit our website at http://rpsec.usca.edu/CE-MIST/.