Astronomical Anniversaries and a New Planetarium Program

Did you know that . . .

We invite you to help us celebrate these events and experience our new planetarium program “To the Moon and Beyond” in November 2008 or July 2009. The DuPont Planetarium developed and produced the original show, “To the Moon and Beyond,” in 2008 to share the science of our closest neighbor in space and to honor all men and women with the courage and commitment to explore space.

“To the Moon and Beyond” includes a quick recap of the space race, a dramatic reenactment of Apollo 11’s historic mission to the Moon, an overview of other Apollo missions, and a look into NASA’s Constellation Program that will soon return people to the Moon. You’ll see hundreds of NASA images and hear the actual voices of presidents and astronauts as you learn how one family has been impacted by NASA’s missions to the Moon. The show concludes with NASA’s current plans to go back to the Moon, to Mars, and beyond.