Mrs. Carmen Downs' class at Jefferson Elementary School recently “adopted" an animal at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center. The children chose to adopt a female red-eared slider turtle for the 2007-2008 school year, which they named “Miss Scarlett O’Slider.”

Deborah McMurtrie, director of student programs at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center, visited the students’ classroom with three aquatic turtles. The class voted on the turtle they wanted to sponsor, and presented a gift of $119.40 to help support the cost of feeding and caring for this animal all year. Some of the children even donated their ice cream money! The sponsor’s names and photo will continue to be displayed on the turtle tank at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center for the remainder of the school year.



The students of Darya McMurtrie's 5K class are participating in the Center's new "Adopt-An-Animal" program. They are providing funds for the feeding and care of Corny the corn snake over the rest of the school year.

The kids raised the money to adopt Corny themselves through bake sales and chores. Corny got his name through a majority vote of the students and even a few visitors.

"I heard about the prorgram and thought it would be a great thing for our class," Mrs. McMurtrie said. "We will visit the Ruth Patrick Center four times for special activities this year, and we'll go by to visit Corny."

"Aiken Preparatory School has been extremely supportive of the Ruth Patrick Science Center's programs for many years," Student Programs Director Deborah McMurtrie said.