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On March 1, 2007 at 4:38 PM, police responded to a call for help at the Basset residence. Scotty Basset, age 10, reported that his dog Sandy was missing. Sandy is a 4-year old yellow lab mix who weighs approximately 40 pounds and wears a blue collar. The dog was last seen at 3:15 PM when Scotty left the house for soccer practice.

There was no sign of forced entry. A note was found taped to the front door. The note appeared to have gotten wet in a rainstorm and some of the ink had run. Neighbors were questioned and there were no eyewitnesses. However, two neighbors reported hearing the sound of a car or a motorcycle at approximately 3:30 PM. The police have identified six suspects: a teacher, Mrs. Lotta Lerning; a baker, Mr. John Dough; a policewoman, Ms. Lauren Order; an artist, Ms. Ima Sculptor; a construction worker, Mr. Bill DeHouse; and a librarian, Mrs. Rita Book.

Evidence has been collected from the crime scene including a ransom note, hairs and fibers from each of the suspects, a mystery powder, and a soil sample mixture. CSRA fifth grade students visiting the RPSEC are working together this spring to analyze the evidence, fill in a Data Collection chart, and determine which of the suspects kidnapped the dog.

The Ruth Patrick Science Education Center has developed a new program that supports Grade 5 physical science standards. The students use chromatography, sifting, solutions, and microscopes in a simulated crime scene investigation. Teachers who are interested in learning more about this program are encouraged to sign up for CSI Solutions next year.