Saturday, October 21st

Another successful Science Education Enrichment Day has taken place at USC Aiken. It has turned more than 1700 people into lovers of science and math. 125 willing and cheerfull exhibitors provided interactive science and mathematics demonstrations to make this years S.E.E.D. one of the best.

Please mark your calendars and spread the word that S.E.E.D. 2001 is tentatively scheduled for October 13, 2001. We have already begun to plan for the event. We hope to have new innovative ideas that will give our 16th-year celebration a new twist.

Pictures of S.E.E.D. 2000

Click on the Exhibit Title to see a picture of that demonstration.

Great Amercican Air Fair
Sunspots and Solar Astronomy
Carbon Dioxide Races
Nuclear Science
Birds of Prey
Reptiles and Amphibians of SC
Dancing Raisins and Can Crush
Lights Camera Action
Chokin Charlie
Busy Bio "Bugs"
National Stamp Collecting Month
Careers in Industrial Hygiene
KC's Great Adventures in Papermaking
Science and Technology
Wildlife Biology
Math Games- Geometry
Fun with Chemistry
Minerals to Learn By
Advancing Hydrogen as a Safe Transportation Fuel
Fun with Math
America Recycles Day
Mathematics + Computers = Computer Graphics
Get Slimed
Scientific Glassblowing
Natural Sources of Radioactivity
Fun with Simple Machines
Exercise Science
Rain Gutter Regatta
Whole Body Counter
Dupont Planetarium
K4NAB Amateur Radio
Understanding Archeology
Air Jeopardy
Drinking Water and You
Insects as Indicators of Water Quality
Hands on Chemistry
Honda Insight
Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicle
Hydrogen PEM
Sand Art with Roy G. Biv
Hands on Usborn Books

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