Instructional Fair in Math, Science, Reading/LA and Technology
Saturday, March 12, 2005 8am-2pm
University of South Carolina Aiken

50 Minute Session Descriptions

Integrated Learning-Share-A-Thon
Deloris Childs and Sunny Forker
Members of the Integrated Learning Grant will share highlights of various professional conferences and lesson plans.

The High and Low of It
Janie Key, Nan Mosel, and Nancy Moseley
This session will allow participants to integrate the use of TI-83/84 calculator technology in analyzing quadratic dataset(s). Tips for calculator use will be presented. If possible, please bring a TI-83/84 calculator.

Tips for Including Latino Children's Books in Your Read Aloud Repertoire
Margaret Riedell, Ray Calder, and Rayito Calderon
Are you hesitant to read aloud from children's books that include Spanish words because you are unsure of Pronunciations? This session will: introduce contemporary books by Latino-American authors; model Spanish pronunciations of key words and lead audience in oral practice. Powerpoint will be used to exhibit books and Spanish words and a handout will be provided.

Analogies and Demonstrations for Teaching Concepts in Chemistry
Monty Fetterolf and Cathy Cobb
Dr's. Cobbs and Fetterolf have compiled a collection of analogies for illustrating some of the more difficult concepts in chemistry and safe and simple chemical demonstrations that can be performed with materials from the grocery or hardware store. During their presentation they would like to share their collection and also swap ideas for analogies and demonstrations with the attending teachers.

Teacher Made Math Lessons and Games
Gwendolyn Lockett
Learn great new ways to get student into learning about money, adding and subtracting with decimals and fractions with innovative lessons! Students will love playing with math says game that includes language and reading skills...and more.

Fractions and Coordinate Plane
Karen Cue
This session will teach you how to use coordinate plane graphing to help students visualize fractional numbers.

Be Multi-Sensational in Your Classroom: Reading, Writing, and Math Instruction to Enhance Learning
Nancy Newton and Ann Witten
This session will provide teachers with ideas for multisensory activities that can be incorporated into teaching reading, mathematics, and other academic areas. The audience will participate in various activities to enhance their understanding of multisensory techniques. Handouts, with descriptions of activities, will be provided.

Developing Inquiry-Based Science Lessons
Tanya Smith
Use the 5e Instructional Model and technology integration to develop inquiry-based science lessons.

Considering National Certification???
Sherry Shipes and Phyllis Gantt
This session will provide latest information on how to begin the process to become a National Board Certified Teacher and also information on the loan program and registration procedures.


E!-Math: Putting the "E!" (Excitement) in "Math"
Sherman Powell and David Broaden
This session provides an interactive demonstration of alternative approaches to traditional math techniques. The demonstration illustrates how exviting and fun math can be.

SCMAPS Interdisciplinary, Standards Based Materials
Mark Roberts
SCMAPS Introduction and Overview; Analyze Graniteville train wreck.

Where is the HOT SPOT?
William Cue
Use the calculator to input data and locate 20 volcanos or hot spots where volcanoes usually occur. Discuss the relationships between earthquakes and volcanoes.

Writing Made Easy
Mary Diggs and Paige Leopard
Writing Made Easy is an intriguing way to captivate your students and encourage them to write for life. We will focus on simple creative ideas/prompts and organizational strategies designed from Reading First and America's Choice.

You've Got Skills!
Shirley Makin
The America's Choice Literacy Model features a 30 minute skills block: 10 minutes to teach (not just assign) spelling and 20 minutes to work on a focus skill. COme and see for yourself that: "You've Got Skills!"

Producing Writers to Impact the PACT
Bridget Peoples
This presentation offers a simple approach to teaching writing to middle school students ultimately improving PACT scores in the area of Language Arts.