Teaching Chemistry With Toys

SMED 729

Spring 2001

Instructor: Pamela D. Wash (Science Specialist, CSRA Hub/Adjunct Faculty - USCA)

Email: pamelaw@aiken.sc.edu

Telephone: Office: 641-3250 or 3594 Home: 803-275-4015 (Office Hours vary)

Course Information Page

I. Descriptive Information:

II. Course Goals and Objectives:
A. General Goals:
1) To increase teacher participants' content knowledge in the area of chemistry;

2) To increase the awareness of inquiry science and how to effectively implement this teaching strategy in the classroom;

3) To increase the ability of teacher participants in identifying and correlating lessons to the S.C. Science Curriculum Standards;

4) To increase the ability of teacher participants in developing original classroom lessons centered around inquiry and learning cycle-based design;

5) To increase the ability of teacher participants in the designing of effective assessments.

III. Course Readings:
A. Required Text: Sarquis, J., Sarquis, M., Williams, J.(1995). Teaching Chemistry with Toys, Middletown, Ohio: Terrific Science Press.

B. Supplemental Readings:

  • Selected related articles will be provided and assigned;
  • Various children's literature books will be utilized.
IV. Instructional Strategies:
Lecturing, questioning, discussion, inquiry activities, cooperative learning, text and additional readings, standards correlations, assessment strategies, and reflections.
V. Course Requirements:
A. Administrative Requirements:
  • Attendance Policy: As a part of your professional development, class attendance and punctuality is expected. If you miss a class, you are responsible for checking with classmates to see if there were any changes in scheduling or assignments.
  • Honor Code: The following statement should appear on all graded assignments:

  • "On my honor as a University of South Carolina-Aiken student, I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment/examination. To the best of my knowledge I am not in violation of academic honesty." _____________________ (signature)

  • Disabled Students: If you have a physical or learning disability which might affect your performance in this class, please contact Disabled Student Services (126A B&E Building &endash; 803-641-3609) as soon as possible. Once an evaluation has been made, appropriate accommodations will be determined.
B, Required Activities: The following assignments and activities will be used in evaluating your level of achievement in this course. Criterion sheets for each assignment will be provided when an assignment is made. The instructor reserves the right to change and/or delete assignments. Assignments should be typed unless otherwise specified. Computers for word processing are available in B&E 238.

Point Values for Assignments:
15 Discussion/Participation/Attendance
15 Lesson Evaluations/Reflections
20 Assessment
25 Project
25 Final Exam

100 Total Points

VI. Grading Scale:
100% - 94% = A
93% - 90% = B+
89% - 85% = B
84% - 82% = C+
81% - 78% = C
77% - 74% = D+
73% - 70% = D
Below 70% = F

VII. Course Outline:

January 16:

January 23: January 30: February 6: February 13: February 20: February 27: March 6: March 13: March 20: March 27: April 3: April 10: April 17: April 24:


URL: http://rpsec.usca.sc.edu/Courses/SMED729/SMED729Wash01sp.html