Teaching Chemistry with Toys

SMED 729

Spring 2001

Course Syllabus

Course Information:

Instructor: Pamela D. Wash
Science Specialist

Email:  Pamelaw@aiken.sc.edu

Time: Tuesdays 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Course Fee: $150 fee

Topic Links and Web Sites for Class:

Rock Candy - lesson plan Density - Interactive Demo/Practice
States of Matter - lesson plan Mysterious Sand - ordering info.
Fluorescent/Phosphorescent (Bio/Chemiluminescence) - background information Diffusion - lesson plan
Eric Science Lesson Plans Dictionary.com
S.C. State Department of Education CSIB PACT Item Bank
South Carolina Science Council (SC2) National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
Ruth  Patrick Science Education Center SC SSI
Discovery Channel Exploratorium
Explore Science Interactive Science Site

Ordering Information For Specialty Items:

Item Number:
Amazon.com "Teaching Chemistry with Toys" text McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0070647224 
Educational Innovations Mysterious Sand SS-19 - Magic Sand Wand 
SS-2BLK - Magic Sand (black) 
SS-2BLU - Magic Sand (blue) 
SS-2PNK - Magic Sand (pink) 
SS-2YEL - Magic Sand (yellow) 
Carolina Biological Drinking Bird
Ball and Ring Apparatus
Circular Filter Paper
BA 75-3605
BA 75-3370
BA 71-2704
Oriental Trading Company Fortune Telling Fish
Glow-in-the Dark Water Tubes
Water Timer
Stop Watches (key chain style)
Balloon Pumps
Black Light Bulbs
Water Glitter Key Chains
Growing Dinosaurs
Magnifying Lenses
Ex 39/761
Ex 16/437
Ex 26/100
Ex 19/327
Ex 17/718
Ex 25/903
FC 19/115
Ex 39/217
Ex 39/86
Fundamentals Science Store Shrinky Dinks #D100-2B
Delta Education Solargraphics Paper
1/2 Inch Magnetic Strip
58 - 110 - 0461
58 - 130 - 7041

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