Microcomputers and Instruction
EDTE 531

Instructor : Dr. Gary J. Senn, USC - Aiken, Ruth Patrick Science Education Center

Course Description:

Students will learn the necessary techniques to make the computer a practical tool in the classroom. Students will learn the basics of an integrated word processor, spreadsheet, and database program. This integrated package will be used to produce handout materials, quizzes and tests, a computerized grade book, and student progress reports.
Hypermedia will be introduced so that students can understand the importance of authoring programs in education. Students will also evaluate a number of available computer assisted instructional programs.

Upon successful completion of this course the students will:
1. create a grade book using a spreadsheet.
2. create various documents using a word processor.
3. create a data base of student information.
4. design and produce student progress reports.
5. create tutorial stacks using Hypermedia.
6. evaluate various computer software for use in their classrooms.
7. understand and use a computer networking system.

Course Topics:
  • Introduction to the Macintosh
  • Word processor
  • Networking
  • Data base
  • Merging the word processor and data base
  • Spreadsheet: grade book program
  • Student Progress reports
  • Authoring languages.
  • Creating a Hypermedia Lesson, Project
  • Project presentation, Final Exam

    Course Evaluation
    Description / Points
    Software evaluations - 3 (25 points each) / 75
    Word Processor I / 60
    Word Processor II / 75
    Word Processor III / 50
    Data Base / 100
    Merging Assignment / 100
    Spreadsheet / 100
    Progress Report / 100
    Hypermedia Lesson / 100
    Using Buttons / 50
    Pop-up Fields / 50
    Hypermedia Project / 200
    Final Exam / 100

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